Okay, so I’m lagging behind in the updates. But I’ve been busy, ‘kay?

One of the things I have done, is write an article for another Bones blog/site, i Dig Bones TV. I wrote about the show’s 9th Season Premiere, on September 16th 2013.

I’m not going to post the full article here — as I wrote it for them. But I just wanted to post it here because it’s my work and, well, I wanted to point it out.

You can find it here: http://www.idigbonestv.com/2013/07/15/bones-season-9-premiere-date/

Well, that’s it for now. Tonight, I’m going to kick back and wait for Bones Season 8 Episode 18 ‘The Fact In The Fiction’ to air here in Australia.


To celebrate the up-coming Season 9 (airing from September 16 in the US), I whipped up this wallpaper featuring Booth & Bones (open the picture in a new tab to see in full size).


High Quality pictures of the Bones Season 9 Promotional images, I direct you here: http://biba79.livejournal.com/170120.html

Oh this blog’s getting neglected. Damn, forgot about it while I was doing my other blog for a TAFE assignment. I promise I’ll get round to updating stuff. That’ll fill in some time while I do my job hunting…

As my TAFE winds down for the semester, I get a sweet treat! David Boreanaz tweeted this picture:
^ I was going to post the pic here, but whosay.com doesn’t seem to want to let me download it.

Stephen Nathan (Exec Producer/Writer, @squarechicken) tweeted this approximately 6 hours earlier:

The script for the ‪#Bones‬ season opener about to be finished. Pelant. Max. Booth wondering where the hell Brennan is. And of course…

Hart Hanson said on twitter in response to a fan’s question that Season 8 begins shooting on Monday July 30 (that’s just under a fortnight from now! yay!)

It’s definitely an exciting day! 😀

On other news, I’ve been enjoying the first (and only) season of ‘The Finder’. Australia’s Channel 10 bought the rights to it a while back, but only just started airing the long finished series a few weeks back. I’m finding it really interesting to watch, and I’m liking the characters. Obviously, it’ll never replace Bones……

I personally can’t wait to see the first pics from the set, and I’ll try to post them here (they’ll begin shooting in my only week off from TAFE, so AWESOME!)

Catch ya’ll later! (hopefully with some more Bones news!)

Ok, so despite living in Australia, I managed to see Season 7’s gripping season finale “The Past In The Present” within a few days of the US airing it. I applaud Channel 7 (the Aussie free-to-air station that airs Bones) for obsessively playing the remainder of the series on the usual Sunday night & the added Wednesday (though the random one week of no Wed ep was annoying).

I should point out that ‘gripping season finale’ really rings true this time- it WAS GRIPPING.
Curled up on the couch, I was sucked in from the get go. Pellant has been, by far, the BEST nemesis ever in the series’ 7 seasons. There’s just something soooo creepy about him that makes my spine shiver every time he’s on.

It was so suspenseful right from the opening moment. Twist after twist after twist- more and more just kept building up against our favourite team. After “The Past In The Present”, there’s no doubt that Pellant is one powerful man. Powerful, and indeed a psycho.

What a roller coaster ride that was! By the end of it, I was swapping from yelling at Booth to not leave Bones alone, to crying because I could sense this wasn’t going to end well. Booth had my sympathy. I found myself torn between a man who loves his family and wants to protect them till his death (Booth), and the smart ex-crim trying to protect his daughter and giving the other man the chance to set the record straight (Max).

But what really had me shocked was seeing Pellant inside Booth and Bones’ house- messing with their clock radio. I was filled with dread when I saw him doing that. Dreading what’s to come- WHAT has he done to it?

It’s definitely going to be an agonising wait for Season 8.

Okay, so I saw these promo pics for 707 “the Prisoner in the Pipe” & basically went nuts. It’s every B&B shipper’s dream- the first pics of the new family! 🙂

I’ve always wanted this day to happen, & I’m over the moon with excitement (I’m surprised I can even type right now). This has also come- for me- less than a fortnight after the run of Bones S7 ended here in Australia (we’re now up-to-date with the US), so it almost makes up for not having any new eps to watch (frankly, the only way I’m able to watch the show is if I watch my DVDs- normally they swing back into repeats when there’s no new ones, but not this time).

Here they are for you (the full set of promo pics can be found on other sites)





My apologies for the desertion of this blog. There’s tonnes of things going on right now in my life that have me away from my role on this blog- like the fact that my semester at TAFE this time round has been condensed from 18 weeks to 12 so we’re ready post-Easter to do Diploma with the first intake from our course.
I promise that I’ll get round to updating the Bones info on this blog as soon as I get the chance.

Bones season 7 has been airing these last few weeks here in Australia. I’ve enjoyed having it back, and laughed throughout the first 2 eps. Oh how I missed them! It’s been far too long a gap between seasons! (it may just have felt longer than it was)

Anyway, time to sign off. New posts coming soon.